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TalentNet: What Makes It Great (Independent Contract Workers SolutionMap Analysis)

11/12/2018 By

TalentNet — a provider of talent acquisition, talent management and direct sourcing technology — enables organizations that are looking to source, manage and leverage independent contract workers (ICWs). TalentNet’s technology solution was recently evaluated in Spend Matters’ SolutionMap framework with the Independent Contract Workers (ICW) enterprise solution category. The ICW solution segment is the most dynamic part of the contingent and workforce and services (CW/S) procurement technology market, which also includes SolutionMap’s Temp Staffing (Vendor Management Systems/VMS) and Contract Services/Statement of Work solution segments.

Most ICW enterprise solutions have emerged over the past five years within the context of the so-called gig, freelance and peer-to-peer “economies” — a world of innovative platforms like Uber and Airbnb versus the establishment world of enterprise software applications inhabited for decades by providers like SAP and Oracle. While some new providers have stood up external platforms like online marketplaces that function effectively as third-party suppliers of talent, others have stood up enterprise software solutions that organizations can use to source and manage talent in ways that VMS, ATS and HRIS systems cannot. TalentNet falls within this latter category.

TalentNet provides a fit-for-purpose enterprise software solution that can be used within the context of contingent workforce management and/or talent acquisition programs. The “TalentCommunity” module enables enterprises to develop, scale and manage their own independent contract workforce using online private and public talent communities. The “TalentBench” module provides business users with a range of capabilities to manage and direct-source independent workers within those categories.

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