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Coupa Buying Hiperos — Adding Compliance and Risk Intelligence Prowess to Its Business Spend Management Insight

12/10/2018 By and

Business spend management vendor Coupa announced Monday morning that it is acquiring Hiperos, a provider of third-party risk management.

Coupa is buying Hiperos from Opus. Alacra and all other Opus assets were not part of the transaction.

The move lets Coupa, which is based in San Mateo, California, add more supplier compliance and risk intelligence insight into spend transactions and put a greater focus on reducing third-party risk.

“Third-party risk and compliance is a growing threat as global supply chains expand, regulatory requirements grow, and cyber crimes increase, and until now, businesses have relied on point solutions to manage these risks,” said Coupa CEO Rob Bernshteyn in a statement. “As an integral part of the Coupa BSM Platform, Hiperos’s advanced third-party risk management offering will enable enterprises to extensively evaluate the risk of their supplier base and shift spend to optimal suppliers.”

The combined capabilities of Hiperos and the Coupa BSM Platform will be marketed as Coupa Risk Assess, a statement said. Hiperos’s cloud application enables businesses to manage advanced risks such as information security, bribery and corruption, and demanding new data privacy regulations like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Coupa said in a statement.

In a Spend Matters story for SolutionMap subscribers, Branchburg, New Jersey-based Hiperos was deemed the highest-performing vendor on a functional basis for the SolutionMap Turn-Key persona in the Q2 2018 Supplier Management area, as well as a customer favorite in all five SolutionMap personas.

In a statement about the deal Monday, Spend Matters’ Managing Director Jason Busch said the transaction fits a need in the industry.

“Due to an increasing number of high profile breaches and the increasing risk of extended services and physical supply chains, third-party risk mitigation and compliance has become a top priority for large organizations across industries. Using a holistic approach to managing suppliers and spend can shine a proactive light on vulnerabilities, while reducing risk and protecting brand reputation,” Busch said. “Coupa’s acquisition of Hiperos hits on a critical need in the market – the merging of third-party risk management with broader business spend management processes. Coupa has an established process for marrying acquired companies with their platform, and we expect to see the same operational model deployed for Hiperos’s industry leading integrated risk management capabilities.”

In October, Coupa bought Aquiire, a move that added to its catalog search and front-end shopping usability.

Check back for updates on the breaking Coupa-Hiperos story.

Also today, Spend Matters has a PRO series looking at the deal and will publish more analysis.