Focusing on the Other Rich Vein of Procurement — Public Spend

Spend Matters plans to broaden its views on procurement in the new year with occasional forays into public spend issues — but let’s unwrap a present early to see what’s what.

There are numerous challenges that public sector procurement organizations face now and in the coming year. Mazes of emerging regulatory structures, high barriers to entry for suppliers and digital disruption, to name a few, all weigh on practitioners looking to better serve their governments and constituents.

To help navigate these and other issues, we’re diving into the Public Spend Forum archives to bring you some of the best public procurement-related news and research around. Our colleagues at PSF suggest we start by examining a story on the techniques for conducting efficient, effective government market research:

Conducting market research and gathering market intelligence is a critical part of any acquisition and procurement process. It can also take a good amount of time that most procurement professionals don’t have, given they are overburdened with all the other demands of the acquisition lifecycle.

Public Spend Forum and NIGP, the National Institute for Public Procurement, held a webinar that covered key principles and practical tips for conducting effective market research in as little time as possible. Based on extensive research and experience working within procurement across public and private sectors, the hosts shared insights on asking the right questions early in the acquisition process, knowing where to find information on product and service needs, and using the market research strategies that promote the best value outcomes.

The article delves into some key principles for developing market intelligence, tactical tips to conduct your best market research and offers advice like “ask the right questions about industries of interest and the government contractors that operate in those markets.”

Check out all the insights here — along with the webinar and Govshop, a way to connect with suppliers for the public sector market.

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