Afternoon Coffee: Government Shutdown Still Looms; ‘Cobots’ vs. Robots: What They Mean for Supply Chains

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With a government shutdown a day away, lawmakers in Washington have yet to craft a budget that can get enough votes as well as gain the signature of President Donald Trump, who wants funding for a border wall included, the Associated Press reports. “As House Republicans struggled to find the votes to pass the legislation ahead of a midnight Friday deadline, Trump started blaming GOP leaders for failing to deliver on the $5 billion he had demanded for the wall,” the AP reports. A shutdown for the holidays could force hundreds of thousands of workers to not be paid while they work and others to be idled until a budget is passed.

Business Case for Cobots

Robotics is all the rage with businesses wanting to automate and downsize their workforces. But a wrinkle has emerged that may not push out all the employees. ‘Cobots’ would work alongside employees to improve efficiency and lighten the load while workers make decisions about the work. Supply Chain Dive explores the business case for cobots by getting feedback from a few experts on the future of work.

Chinese Nationals Charged in U.S. Hacking Investigation

The United States on Thursday unsealed criminal indictments against two Chinese nationals accused of state-sponsored hacking in an investigation that alleges information was stolen from technology companies and U.S. government agencies, including the Navy and NASA, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Stocks Still Down on Fed Rate Hike

And finally, an update on stocks: Stock markets are having another down day as investors absorb the fallout from the Fed rate hike the day before, CNBC reports. And the possible government shutdown isn’t helping either.

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