Afternoon Coffee: Some Countries See Bright Side in U.S.-China Trade War


The U.S.-China trade war is widely viewed as a drag on the global economy, but for some Asia-Pacific nations, the ongoing dispute may have some silver linings. As The Wall Street Journal reports, some nations are trying to lure manufacturing exporters that are caught up in the U.S.-China trade relationship.

“From Mexico to Southeast Asia, nations see an opportunity to attract manufacturing exporters trying to avoid U.S. tariffs on Chinese products. Japan’s auto makers would stand to gain if the U.S. and China imposed reciprocal car tariffs, and Brazil and Canada’s soybean farmers would have a chance to provide more feed for China’s massive hog herds.”

Inflation Slips 

After nine months of increases, U.S. consumer prices fell in December, mainly due a steep drop in the price of gasoline, CNBC reports. Still, underlying inflationary pressures remained strong, with rental housing and healthcare costs rising steadily.

“The Labor Department said on Friday its Consumer Price Index dipped 0.1 percent last month, the first drop and weakest reading since March,” CNBC writes. “The CPI was unchanged in November. In the 12 months through December, the CPI rose 1.9 percent after increasing 2.2 percent in November.”

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