Afternoon Coffee: Brexit Deal Faces Deadly Vote; When Do Retailers Seek Supply Chain Visibility?

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With the latest Brexit plan facing a tough vote Tuesday, British Prime Minister Theresa May is seeking support for the deal, Bloomberg News reports.

If the plan dies as expected, she’ll have some time to formulate a Plan B. See the graphic that lays out the options, and read about the details dragging down this deal.

Big Losses, Mad Bosses

Retailers know the supply chain has the potential to deliver big losses or big gains, but seeking more visibility into it often occurs only after a big problem occurs, Supply Chain Dive reports.

"Usually it's a major disruption like what has been happening the last two years. ... Whenever something happens that causes you to miss your goals, lose money and cause your boss to be mad at you, then suddenly it becomes a problem," Jon Slangerup, chairman and CEO of American Global Logistics (AGL), told Supply Chain Dive, which looks at the motivations for retail companies to seek technology that helps them see into their supply chains.

Slangerup also said the high numbers of retailers pursuing supply chain visibility (72%) is indicative of the size of the task ahead and not progress already made.

Utility’s Liabilities Add Up to Chapter 11

Facing at least $30 billion in claims for California’s wildfires, PG&E saw its stock crash Monday after it announced that it will seek Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, CNBC reports. Investigators have said the utility’s equipment sparked some fires in 2017 and 2018, CNBC said.

Shutdown Affecting Airports

And, finally, an update on the government shutdown: Houston’s airport is the latest to curtail services because of the record shutdown of the federal government. TSA workers aren’t getting paid and some aren’t showing up to work, so Houston has closed a checkpoint, reports The Wall Street Journal, which looks at the overall picture.

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