Afternoon Coffee: Coupa Adds Virtual Card with JP Morgan Chase; U.S.-China Trade Deal Not Close, Trump Official Says

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Coupa has a virtual credit card deal with JP Morgan Chase for business customers of the bank, Morningstar reports.

The cards are different than the physical P-cards that are used by businesspeople. The virtual card generates a unique number per purchase order and is meant to make it easier to manage high volume, low value, and one-off suppliers, says Coupa, which offers the service as part of its focus on business spend management (BSM).

Recently, Spend Matters UK/Europe talked to Barclaycard about its virtual card deal with Coupa. Read the full article here: Barclaycard Partnership with Coupa Pay — P2P Becomes P&P.

And look for a Spend Matters PRO briefing on Coupa Pay soon.

U.S.-China Trade Deal 'Miles and Miles' Away

U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said Thursday that a U.S.-China trade deal is “miles and miles” away, Bloomberg reports. “Trade is very complicated. There are lots and lots of issues,” he said on CNBC.

A senior China official will be in Washington next week and may lay the groundwork for a deal, Ross said, predicting that an agreement eventually will be reached. Another Trump official, economic adviser Larry Kudlow, said the talks with the official could be “determinative.”

On the subject of the government shutdown, Ross told CNBC that he doesn’t understand why some idled federal workers are going to food banks when they should just take out loans.

Airbus Plans for UK Exit Over Brexit

Airbus said it would move its operations out of the UK if Britain crashes out of the European Union without trade terms being settled — the “no-deal Brexit” scenario, the Associated Press reports.

“Business leaders have expressed growing frustration at the lack of progress in securing a Brexit deal before Britain’s scheduled March 29 exit from the bloc. Last week British lawmakers threw out the divorce deal Prime Minister Theresa May had struck with the EU, and attempts to find a replacement are gridlocked,” the AP reports.

Airbus CEO Tom Enders said “there are plenty of countries out there who would love to build the wings for Airbus aircraft.”

To Be Automated, Or Not to Be?

Automation is all the rage for companies wanting to streamline their supply chains and save money. But some experts say not everything should be automated — even if it can be, Supply Chain Dive reports.

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