Afternoon Coffee: Polar Vortex Cost Less Than $1 Billion; State of the Union? Facing Government Shutdown Again Stock

The polar vortex that gripped the Midwest and disrupted supply chains for two days last week accounted for less than $1 billion in lost business — unlike the 2014 deep freeze that last for several days and cost $5 billion, says Planalytics in a Supply Chain Dive interview.

Scott Bernhardt, the president of Planalytics, told the Dive that the estimation is done by examining transactions and accounting for lost activity like workers staying home and not buying lunch or the impact on promotional activity that was lost to the winter delays. He said that people may still eventually make big purchases, like buying a car, but the small buys like lunch won’t come back — no one buys two lunches the next day, he said.

Trump Speech and a Friday Deadline

The State of the Union address will be held Tuesday night, with President Donald Trump speaking to the House and Senate members who must decide soon on how to avert another government shutdown, Bloomberg News reports. Funding is approved through Feb. 15, but the House committee that’s budgeting for border security has a Friday deadline to have a plan. And the speech is likely to give more details on the president’s plan for a wall and to signal what he thinks of the budget negotiations.

Robots Score in Super Bowl Ads

The Super Bowl teams didn’t do much scoring on the field, but in the coveted ad space during the game, robots got a lot of air time. The Wall Street Journal takes a look at a few and what they say about how uneasy some people are with technology.

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