Afternoon Coffee: 4 Supply Chain Issues in Trump’s Speech; Amazon Clearly Taking on FedEx, UPS

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Supply chain managers can be on the lookout for four issues that President Donald Trump may raise in his State of the Union address tonight, Supply Chain Dive reports. An administration official previewed some of the themes for the media, and the Dive delves into these four areas: an update on trade negotiations with China; a call to approve the U.S., Mexico, Canada Agreement (USMCA); a call for approval of the United States Reciprocal Trade Act (a new bill that would give the president more power on tariffs); and a call for investments in infrastructure.

New Amazon Filing Is Detailed

Amazon’s annual report filed last week shows for the first time that it added "transportation and logistics services" to its list of competitors, CNBC reports. Amazon has often said that its delivery service merely augment the likes of FedEx and UPS, but this development seems to alter that assertion, CNBC reports.

3D Printing and Supply Chain Disruption

As industrial 3D printing improves, it may disrupt supply chains by moving parts production closer to assembly facilities and the users or customers, Supply Chain Dive reports. It takes a look at shifting logistics and other developments related to the rise of 3D printing, which it relates to the major  changes seen after email became prevalent.

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