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Jaggaer ONE Is Released, Giving the Spend Management Provider a Unified Platform

02/05/2019 By and

After 15 months of developing its unified spend management solution, Jaggaer on Tuesday announced the release of Jaggaer ONE, which it called the “cornerstone” of its suite.

“Jaggaer ONE represents the next stage in the evolution of our company and is the most complete business-to-business spend management offering available globally,” said Jaggaer CEO Robert Bonavito, in a press release. “It was developed with market and customer input and is a solution that any business can rely upon and scale as it transforms its procurement operations.”

Jaggaer said the new offering is built on service-oriented architecture (SOA) that allows for other solutions to be added on.

Spend Matters Founder Jason Busch said the “SOA approach to unification can be an effective means of creating a comprehensive whole from individual components and technologies. We are very excited to hear about this development but will refrain from analysis until we have been fully briefed on Jaggaer’s latest architectural investments.”

Last summer at a Jaggaer customer event in Munich, Peter Smith of Spend Matters UK/Europe saw a demo of a unified platform. It put together Jaggaer’s solutions for indirect spend, direct spend and Jaggaer Advantage, which focuses on sourcing, analytics and contract management. Each of the offerings originated from legacy providers, like Jaggaer Indirect came from SciQuest, Jaggaer Direct came from the Pool4Tool platform, and Jaggaer Advantage came from BravoSolution Advantage.

Smith said the message at the event was that Jaggaer  was “in the process of building links and integration capability between these options, so in theory, a previous Advantage client, who enjoyed the strong sourcing and contract management capability in Bravo Advantage, can now get the P2P capability from the other platforms delivered in a manner that looks and feels like a single platform. Data moves between the ‘different’ products, and in the demo I saw, the switching appeared invisible as one moved between capabilities, and things like logins and permissions work in an integrated manner.”

In Tuesday’s announcement, North Carolina-based Jaggaer focused more on how the solution fits into the surge of digital transformation and how it serves different markets, instead of detailing Jaggaer ONE’s individual histories and procurement roles.

“The Jaggaer ONE platform is designed to meet the requirements of multiple industries, institutions and sectors, including manufacturing, transportation, pharmaceutical, CPG, retail, education and the public sector,” the release said.

In the coming days, Spend Matters will provide analysis and more insight into the solution.