Afternoon Coffee: Amazon Ditches N.Y. as HQ2 Site; Airbus to Stop Making Jumbo A380

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In a surprising move, Amazon has pulled its plan to build another headquarters in New York, the Associated Press reports.

After a lengthy search and receiving $3 billion in tax breaks for the HQ2 project, Amazon said opposition to the deal in New York made it reconsider building there, the AP says.

For now, Amazon won’t seek another location, the AP reports. Plans will continue for a headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, and a smaller facility in Nashville, Tennessee, the AP reports.

Airbus Pulls Plug on A380

Airbus said Thursday that it will discontinue its A380, which at 800 seats was too large for a market that tends to prefer smaller planes, the Associated Press reports.

Airbus executives looked pained when they made the announcement, but the outcome had long been expected. The A380 had its maiden flight about 14 years ago, and on Thursday, Airbus and Emirates announced that the airline would transfer existing orders for A380s to smaller A350s and A320s, the AP reports.

“Distraught fans — even within Airbus’ own ranks — decried the decision” to mothball the A380, the AP reports. “Unions in Britain, Spain and France fear for the 3,500 jobs Airbus says it might threaten.”

Retail Sales Fall Off

Retail sales for December fell 1.2%, missing analysts’ expectations of a slight increase, reports The Wall Street Journal, which also said the news may be a sign of trouble.

“An important measure of consumer spending unexpectedly dropped at the fastest pace since 2009, a worrying sign for economic growth as shoppers reined in spending at the close of the year,” it said.

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