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Coupa, Services and Coupa Contingent Workforce: A Progress Report (Part 1)

02/21/2019 By

In September 2018, Coupa surprised the contingent workforce industry (and others) with its acquisition of DCR Workforce, a leading VMS solution.

In short order, the DCR solution was rebranded as Coupa Contingent Workforce (CCW). Coupa also immediately indicated that CCW — which includes its own best-in-class solution for sourcing as well as managing SOW engagements and complex services — would coexist with its Services Maestro that became available for all Coupa customers at the start of 2018.

After all that, it was then possible to see all the pieces of the puzzle but perhaps not really understand how they would all come together. In September, we had our first briefing on the acquisition, the rationale and next steps. And we recently saw an update on the progress with CCW.

In this PRO briefing, in addition to reporting on some of what has been happening with Coupa and its acquisition, we also want to use our perspective — now six months later — to try to render a more complete view into Coupa’s services procurement strategy based on the briefings and our own observations and inferences.

In what follows, we will provide background and context leading to the acquisition, revisit the key points and the setting of expectations in our initial briefing in September; discuss what we learned about progress in our most recent briefing; and, provide our own observations on where things seem to be heading for Coupa and in the contingent workforce industry and its increasing overlap with procurement technology solutions.

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