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Corcentric to Acquire Determine: Exploring Determine’s Strategic Procurement Technologies Strengths and Weaknesses (Part 4)

Corcentric recently announced its pending acquisition of Determine (see previous Spend Matters PRO analysis: Transaction Overview and Customer Recommendations and Competitive Landscape Analysis and Determine’s P2P Strengths and Weaknesses — as well as our news coverage here).

But in buying Determine, what exactly is Corcentric gaining from a strategic procurement technologies (SPT) perspective (i.e., product, solution and platform strengths and weaknesses)? And how do Determine’s capabilities stack up in the market overall relative to peers on a granular basis?

This is an important question to analyze, but two of the three vendors that came together to form Determine were in the SPT area, not P2P. (Some background: Determine came about in 2015 when Selectica and two other brands, Iasta and b-pack, combined. Selectica and Iasta had the SPT heritage.)

To answer the question about how Determine compares against peers, you can turn to the latest Q4 2018 SolutionMaps Insider provider scoring summaries (See: Sourcing, Supplier Management, Contract Lifecycle Management and Spend + Procurement Analytics). For those interested in viewing Determine from a broader Source-to-Pay perspective, there is a SolutionMap for you as well. Each report provides comparative overall and “deep-dive” capability insight (e.g., catalog management, requisitioning, invoicing compliance, etc.) as well as detailed customer reference benchmarks. Determine is one of dozens of providers featured in these granular, comparative vendor ratings analyses designed to aid shortlisting and selection decisions. Other providers include Coupa, Exari, HICX, Icertis, Ivalua, Jaggaer, Oracle, SAP, Sievo, Ariba, Zycus.

But to provide insight into overall product strengths and weaknesses for strategic procurement technologies, let’s dive right in today as we offer a summary view of where Determine stands out from the pack — and where it trails its peers.

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