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9 Tips for Gig Workers to Get More Work This Year

03/13/2019 By


Spend Matters welcomes this guest post from Mynul Khan, CEO and founder of Field Nation, which offers a specialized enterprise technology solution and online marketplace that enables the sourcing, dispatching management and payment of independent field tech contractors.

For gig workers, 2019 is expected to bring increased competition. The gig economy workforce is currently growing three times faster than the traditional U.S. workforce and is predicted to make up half of the workers by 2027. The good news is job opportunities are not slim because employers are increasingly looking for freelancers to help cut costs, supplement workflow and provide specialty skills.

One of the biggest hinderances for freelancers is earning the credibility that can win over clients and create new business growth. For gig workers looking to expand their client roster and build credibility, here are nine simple tips to get more work this year.

1. Ask for a Reference

Testimonials and references can be a freelancer’s life source. Do not be afraid to ask current and past clients to make a recommendation to their friends and colleagues. In addition, ask them to provide quotes to promote online and in promotional materials. Even a LinkedIn endorsement can go a long way to actualize a freelancer’s unique skills.

2. Get a Background Check

A background check could make or break the decision to work with a freelancer. If searching on an online marketplace, some companies even filter through results based on background checks and/or require freelance partners to get a background check. Be proactive and get a background check to meet the qualifications of potential clients and provide an instant level of trust.

3. Say No

Saying “no” can be hard, especially when future work is never a guarantee. But freelancers can gain respect when they are transparent and turn down work because they are spread too thin or if it doesn’t fall in their area of expertise.

4. Be Transparent

As a freelancer, it’s important to humanize the brand and remain transparent. Soft skills go a long way in the client/freelancer relationship, and it’s critical to be open in all areas of the business, such as processes, project costs and deadlines to ensure everyone is on the same page and expectations are met.

5. Create a Streamlined Portfolio

Personal portfolios can tend to be a catch-all and include every single project a gig worker has completed. To keep the portfolio streamlined and easy to digest, freelancers should build a portfolio that showcases only the work they specialize in and want to take on.

6. Utilize an Online Marketplace

Joining an online marketplace is the perfect way to bring all aspects of the work to one spot. Marketplaces connect freelancers with their target clients and can even inform freelancers on what kind of work clients want to have done based on their needs.

7. Maintain an Updated Profile

If using an online marketplace, it’s crucial for gig workers to continuously update their profiles. By doing so, this will allow the marketplace to match freelancers with jobs based on their profile information. Freelancers should also update their profile when they learn a new skill, perform work in a different field or industry, and get a new certification or qualification.

8. Network & Create Relationships

Freelancers should always be looking for their next gig. While many have repeat clients, that might not be enough to keep them busy and pay the bills. As a result, gig workers should always be networking. To start, gig workers should tap into their family and friends before reaching out to past clients. Next, freelancers should look at joining industry associations and job boards. A key part to networking is also making sure it’s a win-win situation — freelancers should always give as much as they receive.

9. Focus on Quality vs. Quantity

New freelancers struggling to get work should shift their focus on landing small jobs first. Any small job will help build a freelancer’s credibility and reputation if done right. In addition, the more work a freelancer completes the more examples they can showcase in their portfolio.

Whether a seasoned gig worker or a freelancer that has just decided to branch out on their own for the first time, these nine tips will help pave the way for a successful 2019.