Afternoon Coffee: Ivalua Intros P2P Quick Deployment; Caviar Prices Plummet

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Ivalua, a provider of spend management solutions, today announced its P2P quick deployment package, which will allow customers to roll out a full version of the company’s P2P solution in 8-12 weeks, according to a release.

"We were able to go live with Ivalua's P2P solution in 8 weeks, with more suppliers onboarded than in 7 years with our previous technology provider," said Cindy Seabrease, Director of Purchasing and Accounts Payable at Maxim Healthcare Services, Inc., in a testimonial within the release. "Employees quickly adopted the software and our suppliers appreciated the Ivalua model, which makes it easy to connect and helps improve collaboration."

Check out how Ivalua stacks up against its competitors in Spend Matters SolutionMap.

China Changing the High-End Cuisine Supply Chain

Many high-end cuisine suppliers will be in uproar after the emergence of China in the global market.

China has flooded the caviar market in particular, sending prices plummeting for what is supposed to be a rare delicacy. China has now become a leader in caviar fish-farming, allowing them to produce high volumes at low prices. This has undercut many other established sellers, with the average import cost into the US falling by half since 2012.

Caviar is typically consumed in very small amounts, so despite high value, it is unlikely that we will see a surge in volume.

Ulta Plans to Open First Fast Fulfillment Center

Retail giant Ulta is set to convert its distribution center in Romeoville, Illinois, into the company’s first fast fulfillment center. CEO Mary Dillon announced this week that it is scheduled to open in the summer. According to Dillon, it is all part of Ulta’s plan to provide two-day shipping for all e-commerce orders by 2021.

This center will be used to fulfill online orders with e-commerce speed and efficiency in mind. It will fulfill up to 30,000 separate orders each day at peak times. There are plans for a second similar center in Jacksonville, Florida, due to open in the summer of 2020.

National Diesel Average Falls for First Time in Five Weeks

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Information Administration (EIA) has announced that the national average price for diesel has dropped for the first time in five weeks. The price now sits at $3.070 per gallon, a 0.009 cent decline.

However, this is the fifth week in a row that average prices have been above the $3 mark, with the five weeks previous to that all being below. Annually, the average this week is up 9.8 cents.

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