Afternoon Coffee: Walmart Plans to Use AI in Battle with Amazon; No Truck Driver Shortage, Says BLS

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Walmart is using artificial intelligence to build up better on-demand delivery to compete with the likes of Amazon, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The Amazon Echo has sold extremely well since release, and allows owners to place orders using audio only. On the other hand, Walmart’s Jetblack personal shopping service still relies on human agents to operate. Walmart sees the service as a vessel for research and AI testing, including for voice shopping.

The supply chain infrastructure at Walmart will aid the fast delivery of items, according to Jetblack CEO Jenny Fleiss.

BLS Denies a Widespread Truck Driver Shortage

The notion of a truck driver shortage is one that has been held and reported widely over the past few years. However, after analyzing the market, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has concluded that a shortage does not exist.

They claim that the sector is performing just as well as labor markets for other blue-collar occupations. It also stated that the issue would probably vanish in the long term if wages increase. They added that any issues within the industry are in the long-distance trucking market.

Job Cuts and Huge Cost-Slashing at BMW

BMW AG plans to cut both jobs and costs this year as they are hit with global economic and trade pressures. The company will look to cut thousands of jobs as well as $13.62 billion in costs.

BMW has cited the trade war between the U.S. and China, exchange rates, and prices for raw material as reasons for this decision. BMW is regarded as one of the strongest names in car manufacturing, which makes their 8% profit decline in 2018 all the more worrying for others.

However, other manufacturers such as Ford and Fiat Chrysler have also been seen cutting back on costs.

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