Afternoon Coffee: Q1 SolutionMap Released; Apple Switching Up Tactics After Smartphone Sales Drop


Apple is now focusing on a suite of video and news subscription services to generate billions of dollars per year, according to the WSJ. This seems to be an attempt to deepen the links between Apple and the users of its iPhones. It is also yet another sign that the iPhone is running out of steam, with many suppliers pulling back in production, and sales dropping.

People are now more preoccupied with the apps they use on their smartphones, rather than the phones themselves. This has led to consumers keeping each phone for longer, and buying cheaper models. However, service revenue grew 33% in 2018, up to just under $40 billion.

Brexit Future Still Uncertain, But Logistics Companies Win Round One

The future of Brexit and the U.K. still remains unclear as we inch towards the leave deadline.

Prime Minister Theresa May will bring her plan to parliament for the third time this week, with the E.U. agreeing to a May 22 extended leave deadline if the vote passes, as the WSJ reports. Otherwise, it will be an April 12 leave date for the U.K.

However, there have also been hundreds of thousands of U.K. residents marching in the streets this week, demanding a second referendum vote that could call a stop to Brexit entirely. The government has now announced that it will expand simplified customs procedures to cover all ports and operators, a big win for logistics companies.

New York Plans to Reduce Traffic with Barge Freight

New York plans to revive the use of barges on the city’s waterways as a freight alternative, cutting down on trucking congestion, according to Supply Chain Dive.

Last mile truck delivery is estimated to cost the local economy $27 billion in the next 30 years, and using barges is just one solution to this issue. The New York City Economic Development Corporation released a request for proposals earlier this week, as they look for operators for a new Hunts Point Peninsula marine terminal.

Spend Matters Releases Q1 SolutionMap, Ranks 58 Procurement Software Companies

Q1 2019 Spend Matters SolutionMap procurement software company rankingsCheck out the free rankings for themselves right here, but be sure to take a spin of this primer to see what’s new this quarter.

Here’s a preview of an exclusive SolutionMap retrospective in the words of Spend Matters Founder Jason Busch, to be published in these pages tomorrow:

“Shakespeare once wrote that ‘talkers are no good doers.’ Believe me, we were talkers for too long. Everyone inside Spend Matters had an opinion about existing analyst comparative frameworks and reports. For years, we talked about how we could do it better. And you guessed it — nothing got done. Remind me never to be a talker again!”

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