Afternoon Coffee: H&M Makes 100% Sustainable Cotton Pledge; Jaggaer ONE 19.1 Released

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The clothing retailer H&M has announced it will now transition to 100% sustainable cotton by the year 2020.

In 2018, the company reached a level of 95%.

This is all part of H&M’s wider plan to convert to 100% sustainable or recycled materials by 2030. They hit 57% in 2018, up from 35% in the previous year. They are also looking to remove conventional cashmere due to issues with environmental and animal welfare.

Jaggaer touts new release

Jaggaer recently announced the release of Jaggaer ONE 19.1, the latest version of the provider’s unified spend management platform.

“19.1 delivers features that facilitate international commerce and provide critical visibility and efficiencies to everything from supplier and contract management to procurement,” said Zia Zahiri, CTO of JAGGAER, in the press release.

Check out the announcement for more details and release highlights.

Delivery could get more expensive in New York City

Lawmakers in NYC have approved a new congestion price plan aimed at cutting down on street traffic. This would include a special charge for both cars and trucks in a particular city zone, which includes some of the busiest business streets.

New York is also trying to urge delivery companies to work through the night when the streets are less busy. Truckers are expected to simply pass these new charges along.

Lunch meat supply chain decline

Customers are now choosing fresh deli counter food rather than pre-packaged lunch meats, an example of how trends and preferences can harm a supply chain. Some of the biggest meat suppliers in the U.S. are now changing packaging and making changes to their product lines in reaction.

Fresh deli meat sales increased 2% over the last four years, while in the same period pre-packaged lunch meats declined by 8%. Suppliers such as Hormel Foods, Kraft Heinz, and Tyson Inc. will now have to respond.

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