Afternoon Coffee: U.S.-Mexico Border Tensions Hurting Supply Chains; BuyerQuest, Tradeshift Partners Up

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Hundreds of Customs and Border Protection agents in the US have been relocated to help control the flow of migrants attempting to enter the country at the Mexico border. These agents are usually in charge of handling commercial traffic, and as a result there have been delays of late — wait times are currently at five hours — causing tens of millions of dollars in losses.

Agricultural and automotive sectors have been hit particularly badly as they rely a constant and reliable flow of goods. (One estimate notes that 37% of U.S. auto parts are imported from Mexico.) Despite the President stating that ‘security is more important than trade,’ the White House is said to be looking for a solution.

BuyerQuest joining Tradeshift platform as app partner

E-procurement software provider BuyerQuest is partnering up with Tradeshift to join the latter’s supplier collaboration platform.

“The addition of the BuyerQuest eProcurement app provides Tradeshift Platform users with access to the world’s most advanced procurement tool for spend management,” according to the press release. “BuyerQuest integrates seamlessly with Tradeshift by way of the the Tradeshift Link integration connectors, taking advantage of Tradeshift’s earlier acquisition of Babelway.”

Procter & Gamble in crosshairs as regulators crack down on disposable sanitary products

Despite sanitary products being one of the most promising markets at the moment, disposable items such as diapers and menstrual pads are causing sanitation issues, according to the WSJ.

The products are being disposed of at an alarming rate, causing a build-up of garbage in dumps and rivers. The disposable market is predicted to more than double over the next five years. Regulators in India are now asking companies to help deal with the flood of garbage.

Procter & Gamble provide wrappers with some sanitary products, but their efforts to open a recycling center to deal with the end stage have stalled.

MPs vote for Brexit extension by a majority of just one

British MPs were asked to vote on whether Prime Minister Theresa May should ask for a Brexit extension from the EU yesterday.

Remarkably, the vote came back in favor of the extension by just one.

Members of Parliament voted for an extension, and against a no-deal Brexit by 313 to 312. The bill will now go to the House of Lords for approval to become law, before it’s down to the EU on whether an extension will be granted.

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