Afternoon Coffee: TeleSense Moves to Alleviate Grain Spoilage; Ivalua NOW Focuses on ‘Art of Procurement’

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TeleSense, an IoT technology solutions provider for grain storage, today said it had acquired Danish wireless sensor company Webstech. With this new move, TeleSense now has access to the largest remote-sensed dataset in the world.

Already deployed across the United States and Australia, grain storage operators and transporters around the world can now alleviate grain spoilage and reduce quality degradation with TeleSense GrainSafe, said TeleSense in a press note. The scalable artificial intelligence platform monitors temperature and humidity 24-7 via sensors to provide a real-time, comprehensive view of stored grain conditions.

Ivalua NOW in Paris: The ‘art and science of procurement’

Spend Matters analyst Michael Lamoureux had boots on the ground at Europe’s version of Ivalua NOW.

“A key message,” Lamoureux wrote, “was that as procurement evolves from tactical purchase order, invoice and payment processing to strategic sourcing and category management to a focus on organizational value and alignment, it becomes just as much art as science,” as noted by JP Morris on Spend Matters earlier today.

Supply chain digitization is the way to go in retail

A majority of U.S. and UK retailers polled in a new survey by Gravity Supply Chain have agreed that supply chain digitization was the way to increase speed to market and support omnichannel strategies.

Around 500 executives were polled as part of this research report. The report also uncovered the main factors seen to be blocking digitization.

Using technology to set up last-mile logistics strategy

With more and more customers going online to shop, companies today face a challenge where last-mile solutions are concerned, according to Logistics Management.

Customers are becoming used to getting service in real time along with other expectations, and because of this, companies have to cater to these demands. One of them is for logistics companies to meet the shipment transit deadlines.

In the LM interview, ProShip Co-Founder and Global Project Management Director Justin Cramer speaks to the challenges that many shipping companies are facing.

Facebook shipped Oculus controllers with hidden messages

It must surely rank as one of the weirder things that's happened at Facebook.

The social media giant admitted that "tens of thousands" of its new Oculus motion controllers were shipped with physically printed messages inside; one of them being, "Big brother's watching you".

As soon as the news was out, given Facebook's rather dubious record on data sharing, the update went viral. Dubbed an "Easter egg" messaging failure by Nate Mitchell, co-founder of Oculus and VR product chief at Facebook, the Easter egg labels intended for prototype models made it into the internal hardware of Touch controllers for Quest & Rift S products. The messages include "This Space For Rent," among others.

"The integrity and functionality of the hardware were not compromised, and we've fixed our process so this won't happen again," Mitchell was quoted in ZDNet as saying.

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