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CRO-to-CRO Video Series: Episode 2 Explores the Evolving Role of Procurement

04/22/2019 By

Procurement has come a long way from the 1980s, when it was simply a transactional function, up until today, when talk of artificial intelligence, blockchain, RPA, process mining and rapid self-service are all the rage.

This digital conversation is having “a major impact” on the role of procurement, just like all other functions, says Pierre Mitchell, one half of the “CRO-to-CRO” discussion pairing we’re spotlighting with a series of videos over the next few weeks.

Recently, Mitchell, chief research officer of Spend Matters, had a chance to sit down with his old friend and former colleague Michel Janssen, chief research guru of Everest Group, a research and management consulting firm based in Dallas, Texas.

In this second episode of the series, the CROs explore how the role of procurement has changed over the years, from buying at the lowest price, to total cost of ownership, to ever more complex layers of risk mitigation and value creation — and what it all has to do with “Minority Report”:

Episode 2: The Evolution of Procurement in a Transforming Landscape


The CRO-to-CRO Video Series Overview

With a combined six decades of experience between them (the “dinosaurs that we are!” as Mitchell puts it), both CROs are able to view various market trends from a unique perch. The goal of the video discussion series is to drill down into “the who, the what and the how” behind the hottest trends in digital procurement transformation.

Looking more broadly at the arc of the whole series, Mitchell and Janssen set out to cover: