Afternoon Coffee: Industry Group Calls on Trump to End Tariffs; Amazon Kicks Off Parcel Deliveries… Directly into Your Garage

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Americans for Free Trade, a coalition of 150 industry trade groups, called on President Trump in a letter earlier this week to end tariffs after a China trade deal is reached.

According to Supply Chain Dive, “the organization called for the deal to address unfair Chinese trade practices such as forced technology transfer, cyber theft, intellectual property violations and more; to avoid enforcement mechanisms that could trigger more tariffs in the future; and to provide clarity on the exemption process for the first two lists of tariffs, requesting the process goes on ‘regardless of negotiation outcomes.’”

Amazon gets Key for Garage going for Prime members

The e-commerce behemoth announced the service earlier this year, but it’s now available for Prime customers to install in their homes, reports SCD.

“Key for Garage could offer relief to sellers and retailers burdened by the cost of replacing stolen parcels. The question is how popular the service will be among consumers,” the report states.

A new alternative for market rate intelligence

Pipeline Talent Solutions, a strategic workforce advisory company, and HCM Strategies, a workforce analytics firm, announced in a press release shared with Spend Matters that they were partnering to deliver "individualized, supported data analytics" to business clients. Pipeline and HCM were both launched in 2018 to provide new alternatives in, respectively, the MSP and third-party workforce analytics markets.

HCM's proprietary technology platform, ARCH AI, was built "to efficiently process data sets that are too large for humans to analyze, resulting in actionable market rate intelligence," HCM Founder and CEO, Jason Fox, said. “More specifically, with the natural language processing component, ARCH AI "captures the context of job descriptions to gain insights beyond the scale of human intelligence" and is compatible with a range of VMS systems.

IndustryWeek takes a look at Garter’s Top Supply Chains of 2018

“Admittedly, the ranking is pretty much a beauty contest, since Gartner’s own analysts have the most input into which companies are chosen,” the IW writer Dave Blanchard notes — and he’s not wrong — but the resulting slideshow of the top 25 companies, BMW and Adidas among them, could be a good way to spend nursing your afternoon cup of coffee.

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