CRO-to-CRO Video Series: Episode 3 Peels Back the Digital Procurement Platform Onion

Spend Matters' Pierre Mitchell, left, and Michel Janssen of Everest Group discuss digital platforms in Episode 3 of a five-part video series on digital procurement transformation at Everest's offices in Dallas, Texas.

So you’ve decided your procurement function needs to “go digital” with its software solution needs.

But where to begin? How do you buy this stuff?

“You start with having your business challenges in mind,” says Michel Janssen, one half of the "CRO-to-CRO" discussion pairing we've been spotlighting with a series of videos over the last couple of weeks.

Recently, Janssen — chief research guru of Everest Group, a research and management consulting firm based in Dallas, Texas — had a chance to sit down with his  former colleague Pierre Mitchell, chief research officer of Spend Matters.

In Episode 3 of this video series, the two CROs share a comprehensive framework they call a digital capability platform, which paints a holistic picture for prospective buyers. Ultimately, through this framework, Janssen and Mitchell uncover what is available to buy (point solution or suite?), how a buyer can bundle solutions and/or capabilities, and who owns — or should own — the responsibility for digital decision making.

Understanding this entire flow, especially the ownership part, is crucial to avoid a “digital disaster,” as Janssen says, or “SharePoint anarchy,” as Mitchell puts it.

Check out the episode now:

Episode 3: Viewing Digital From a Platform Perspective — The Digital Capability Platform

The CRO-to-CRO Video Series Overview

With a combined six decades of experience between them (the “dinosaurs that we are!” as Mitchell puts it), both CROs are able to view various market trends from a unique perch. The goal of the video discussion series is to drill down into “the who, the what and the how” behind the hottest trends in digital procurement transformation.

Looking more broadly at the arc of the whole series, Mitchell and Janssen set out to cover:

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  1. Zafar Imran:

    It is great discussion i.e., CRO TO CRO. Couple of areas will be interesting to be shared and first is change management I.e., how businesses will absorb so much technology which is being pushed by vendors and BPOs and second is that how this transformation is aligned with corporate objectives like how to prioritise in terms of technology adoption that can bring benefits to all stake holders… comments are welcome…

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