Afternoon Coffee: SAP Ariba Customer Reviews Report Out Now; Accenture Study Highlights Supply Chain Cyber Risks

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Spend Matters has released its inaugural Customer Insights report, with SAP Ariba customer reviews being the first out the door.

We are taking a deeper look into our SolutionMap database, which ranks providers in the marketplace according to their capabilities and their customers’ reviews of the companies. SolutionMap has more than 900 customer reviews, and we’d like to share that insight for a few providers, beginning with SAP Ariba. Read a sample report, and learn how to access the full SAP Ariba report, right here.

Amazon denies price undercutting by its new freight wing

Amazon has been quietly testing an online freight system based on 'the Uber model.' The new freight service has already created a splash in the freight market with one analysis suggesting the new entrant may be resorting to giving discounts.

Amazon, though, has firmly denied reports of price undercutting. The e-commerce giant is pumping billions of dollars into this new venture to build an air, sea and land shipping network, taking a bite out of the $700 billion U.S. market, but faces huge competition from traditional players like UPS. Some analysts feel that companies may be loath to hand over confidential supply chain data to Amazon.

Accenture survey shows many businesses still prone to supply chain attacks

A new study commissioned by Accenture shows 7 out of 10 global businesses could be susceptible to cyberattacks on their supply chains. Over 6,600 large businesses and IT executives in 27 countries were part of this survey. It showed that a mere 29% of global companies had some clue about their suppliers’ approach to cybersecurity.

Automotive parts company U.S. Venture acquires Breakthrough Fuel

Wisconsin-based auto specialist U.S. Venture has acquired another Wisconsin company, Breakthrough Fuel, for an undisclosed amount. USV has been investing in Breakthrough since 2006. According to a statement by USV, Breakthrough will operate “independently” in its portfolio of businesses.

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