Afternoon Coffee: U.S.-Mexico Border Delays Continue; Coupa’s Exari Acquisition Complete

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News agency Bloomberg reports of evidence coming in that the delays of cargo movement at the U.S.-Mexico border were adversely affecting business prospects of American companies.

The report quoted economist Stephen Juneau as saying the delays would have "a direct cost for businesses,” with the interruptions likely to have a significant impact on the flow of goods. As much as 86% of Mexican imports enter the U.S. over land.

Coupa’s Exari acquisition officially complete

Coupa announced today that its acquisition of Exari is settled, giving the suite provider “advanced CLM capabilities, including functionality for contract creation, collaboration, and discovery, enabling companies to comprehensively manage the entire contract lifecycle and operationalize their contracts against spend transactions,” according to the release.

“Contracts are not just the heart of business-to-business commerce, but also the brains; yet, most contracts are just 'dumb' documents,” writes Pierre Mitchell, Spend Matters’ Chief Research Officer and Managing Director of Azul Partners. “Making contracts intelligent requires much more than a traditional contract management solution. Exari's advanced capabilities deliver contract intelligence and a unique knowledge model that translates legalese into the language of business in terms of spending commitments, complex cost/service elements, and business risks.”

Read more Spend Matters analysis (paywall) of the deal right here, with more links at the bottom of this article.

'Blockchain fatigue' to hit supply chains by 2023

A new survey by Gartner predicts that as much as 90% of blockchain-based supply chain initiatives will suffer ‘blockchain fatigue’ by 2023.

“Supply chain blockchain projects have mostly focused on verifying authenticity, improving traceability and visibility, and improving transactional trust,” said Alex Pradhan, senior principal research analyst at Gartner in a statement.

J.B. Hunt's new service to improve supply chain efficiencies

Trucking firm J.B. Hunt Transport Services will launch J.B. Hunt 360box service this summer. The company said in a press release that the new trailer pool and drop-and-hook service for businesses and carriers will allow businesses to reserve from a pool of 500 trailers for drop trailer purposes.

Trump administration had called Ottawa's jet procurement plan unfair

A new academic report released Monday has shown that the White House felt the procurement plan to replace Canada's CF-18 fighters was discriminatory against the Lockheed-Martin-built F-35 stealth jet.

The study by researcher at the Macdonald-Laurier Institute (MLI) Richard Shimooka was based on leaked Pentagon letters written last summer and late fall to Public Services and Procurement Canada officials.

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