Afternoon Coffee: U.N. Agreement Could Tighten Plastics Exports; Adidas Looks to Air Freight to Solve Shortages

Reuters reports that United Nations member countries were close to reaching an agreement to tighten controls on trade in plastic waste. Together, Germany, the United States and Japan each exported over 1 billion kilos of plastic waste last year.

If passed, the new law will make it tough for the U.S. to ship unsorted plastic to emerging Asian economies.

Adidas to rely more on air freight to make up for supply chain shortages

Air freight is to come to the rescue of Adidas, which continues to face supply chain shortages. As per its second quarter earnings call, the global shoe and apparel company has decided to step up its reliance on air freight.

New version of WordPress equipped with supply-chain attack protection

WordPress 5.2 will ship with offline digital signatures for all core updates as a security step against possible supply-chain attacks.

The feature supplements the automatic update mechanism WordPress introduced with version 3.7 released in 2013. It prevents threats from issuing a mass update pushing malicious code onto all installations after taking control of the WP infrastructure.

Starbucks to develop blockchain-based supply chain with Microsoft

As part of its "digital transparency plan," coffee giant Starbucks will take get help from Microsoft to develop a blockchain-based supply chain tracking system and smartphone app.

This will help clients track the supply chain journey of the beans they buy and the coffee they drink to ensure that they were 100% ethically sourced.

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