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Jaggaer’s customer reviews are in the new SolutionMap Customer Insights report

05/08/2019 By

This week’s vendor spotlight in the SolutionMap Customer Insights report focuses on customer reviews of the three product lines that make up Jaggaer ONE, the solution provider’s new unified platform.

SolutionMap Insider members can click here to read customer reviews for Jaggaer Advantage, Jaggaer Direct and Jaggaer Indirect.

(Please note: For SolutionMap, each of the three product lines has been reviewed and scored on a standalone basis by both their customer users and the Spend Matters analyst team, respectively. Analysts have not yet holistically evaluated the three products as part of Jaggaer ONE’s unified platform.)

In each Customer Insights report, we provide a one-page summary of qualitative — and select rating and quantitative — insights from the SolutionMap peer review process. The Customer Insights summary includes ratings on how well the vendor meets user expectations, three key differentiators for the vendor and a list of quotes about the vendor’s greatest strengths. (The users’ names and companies are kept anonymous.)

With the Customer Insights report, we are taking a deeper look into our SolutionMap database, which ranks providers in the marketplace according to their capabilities and their customers’ reviews of the companies. SolutionMap has more than 900 customer reviews, and we’d like to share that insight for a few providers. (Read a sample report, like the image below, here.)

Sample report image Spend Matters collects approximately 20 quantitative data points as part of the survey process with each customer, and we solicit qualitative comments as well. We also reserve the right to reach out to those practitioners to both validate the solution and enhance our understanding of what makes the solutions truly valuable (or not).

SolutionMap Customer Insights will be a component of our SolutionMap Insider membership*.

Here are a few other items to keep in mind:

  • We will publish a single Customer Insights report for each vendor covered (not by each technology category) and will update reports annually.
  • There are TWO versions of the Customer Insights report:
    • The first report is available to all SolutionMap Insider subscribers, including vendors and consultants. This report focuses on the relative strengths of the provider, as described by customers. It helps facilitate a “race to the top” by providing benchmarking comparisons that show the results and hallmarks of customer success.
    • The second report, which is only available only upon specific request (and NDA) to practitioners engaged in a specific vendor evaluation process, contains both strengths and weaknesses as noted by customers. We are restricting access to this report because we want to ensure the weaknesses are not used by vendors “against” competitors in the sales process.

SAP Ariba Customer Insight In the coming weeks, we will be publishing Customer Insights reports on Basware, Coupa, Ivalua and others. To read the first report, click here: SAP Ariba customer reviews.

Not a SolutionMap Insider member yet? Access a sample Customer Insights report and learn more about membership now.