Afternoon Coffee: Cisco in “Tariff Winners” Column; Smart Cube Launches Amplifi PRO

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Beating analyst estimates, Cisco has reported better than expected quarterly earnings. The IT giant said minimal sales exposure to China and changes to its supply chains have helped cushion the blow of U.S.-China trade dispute.

It does not appear, however, that retailer Macy’s will be so lucky.

Podcast: Listen to which U.S. manufacturers fall on the “winner” or “loser” side of the U.S. tariff war with China, right here.

U.S.-China trade tariff may affect health supply chains

Experts believe that the U.S.-China tariff war will negatively affect health supply chains. Higher tariffs on medical equipment and supplies, plus duties on imported steel and aluminum, could result in millions of dollars of increased costs for the healthcare industry and U.S. patients.

The Smart Cube launches digital supply market intelligence platform for procurement

Research and analytics solutions provider The Smart Cube launched Amplifi PRO, “a client-facing digital platform which strengthens its existing solutions, by providing category managers with self-serve access to the key building blocks of procurement intelligence, and the starting point for generating insights to enable better decision-making,” according to the release.

"Every enterprise procurement organization needs a center-of-excellence focused on supply market intelligence, but no organization should be cobbling this together with backward-looking ad hoc market reports,” said Pierre Mitchell, chief research officer of Spend Matters, as quoted in the release (and edited here for American English).

“Real intelligence is built upon timely insights derived from deep data by seasoned experts,” he goes on to say in the quote. “The Smart Cube is definitely on the right track with its Amplifi PRO platform that helps brings [sic] the power of deep intelligence from its internal experts out to easily consumable insights and tools for power users in procurement and the business.”

Read more on why supply market intelligence is crucial for procurement organizations right here.

Question mark hovers over Huawei's business following U.S. move

The Trump administration’s statement that it would be adding Chinese firm Huawei to an exports blacklist raises a question mark over the latter's supply chain.

Huawei's business is worth close to $105 billion. The U.S. said Huawei and 70 affiliates would be added to its “Entity List,” which means the company will be banned from acquiring U.S. components and technology without government approval. The ban has not yet been enforced.

Data will help prevent interruption of DSV Lead Logistics supply chain

Global supplier of transport and logistics services, DSV Lead Logistics, has decided to rely on data to provide intelligent lead logistics and prevent any disruptions in supply chains.

“Our decision to launch this service is a direct result of feedback obtained through industry research, market growth analysis, and most importantly through direct feedback from our customers,” says Group Chief Commercial Officer of DSV Rene Falch Olesen.

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