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Shiftgig Changes Course — What Can We Learn? (Part 3)

05/16/2019 By

In Part 1 of this three-part Spend Matters PRO series, we overviewed Shiftgig’s seven-year evolution from an online marketplace/online staffing firm that matched hourly workers and open shifts that were offered by businesses (mainly in the hospitality, food and event industries). The company recently completed its pivot to a pure-play software solution/technology provider with the sale of the staffing operations part of its business to Headway Workforce Solutions and LGC Hospitality (the two established staffing firms will be using Shiftgig’s on-demand worker matching technology solution called Deploy). In Part 2, we talked with Shiftgig’s current CEO, Rick Bowman, about the company’s shift, its emergence as a technology solution provider and where Shiftgig may be heading now that the pivot is effectively complete.

In this final part of the series, we will step back and take a more analytical perspective and look at Shiftgig’s strategic shift in the broader context of the evolving contingent workforce technology solution and intermediation space. The Shiftgig story may raise more questions than answers. But they are good questions, such as: What happened? Was it Shiftgig’s execution or its strategy? What is the optimal role of online marketplaces and staffing firms? How is technology reshaping the established contingent workforce supply chain?

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