Afternoon Coffee: United Technologies, Raytheon to merge; SoCal ports on front lines of China trade war


In one of the biggest mergers in U.S. history, United Technologies Corp and U.S. contractor Raytheon Co will come together to create a new company estimated at $121 billion, according to Reuters. The two giants do have a few common customers, but their business overlap is limited.

L.A. ports are ground zero of U.S.-China trade war

The ongoing tariff war between the U.S. and China has thrown operations at the twin ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach into a barely controlled chaos, according to a piece in the LA Times. These two ports handle about 48% of U.S. trade with China, where toys, bicycles, furniture, electronics, sneakers, and a host of goods are shipped by containers. The tariffs have disrupted the entire chain of Southern California logistics industries, including shipping, trucking, railroads, warehousing, construction, manufacturing and farming.

The electric bus is definitely coming: Proterra CEO

Ryan Popple, chief executive officer of the California-based electric bus manufacturer Proterra Inc., has told Bloomberg that it was all but inevitable that zero-emissions buses would soon be crisscrossing American roads. In reply to a question on why he was so bullish on electric buses, Ryan replied, "Some mainstream Middle American cities are going all-electric. The longer you run diesel, the more career risk you’re taking. Because ultimately, someone could come in and say, ‘Wait, you wasted $40 million of taxpayer money because you thought it was hard to figure out how to transition to EV?’”

Small, big businesses to come together at chemical and polymer expo

The Chemical & Polymer Supply Expo organized by Advantage Valley and the Robert C. Byrd Institute will be held at the Valley Park Conference Center in Hurricane, West Virginia, starting June 13. The supply chain expo is designed to educate local companies on how much larger firms’ raw materials procurement works.

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