Afternoon Coffee: Intel reviewing global supply chain; Huawei saga continues


Intel Corp. is taking another look at its global supply chain in the wake of the tariff war between the U.S. and China. Chief Executive Officer Bob Swan told Bloomberg in an interview that Intel did not believe that tariffs were an “effective way to drive global trade.”

“How do we move goods — sometimes our customers will move their operations — and how do we work the global supply chain so less product is coming directly from China to the U.S. that would be subject to tariffs?” Swan said in an interview with Bloomberg TV in Tel Aviv.

Huawei's chipmakers lobby U.S. government to ease ban

American chip suppliers to Huawei have been quietly lobbying with the U.S. government to lift the ban. Those suppliers include Qualcomm and Intel, according sources quotes in this Reuters report. Qualcomm has also pressed the Commerce Department over the issue, four people said.

Noble wins contract for support services to U.S. Europe command

Global provider of logistics services Noble Supply and Logistics has received a $90 million contract with the Defense Logistics Agency. Over 10 months, the contract is for maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) support services to U.S. European Command forces. The Massachusetts-based company provides logistics, procurement, inventory, distribution and technical support via an integrated supply chain management system.

StandardAero wants to double growth in five years

The Scottsdale, Arizona-headquartered StandardAero plans to double revenues and size in the next five years. Founded in 1911 and now owned by The Carlyle Group, StandardAero has grown in the past five years to become “one of the largest, if not the largest, independent jet-engine maintenance companies on the planet,” CEO Russell Ford told AIN.

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