Afternoon Coffee: U.S.-China trade war fallout hits tech; Shopify launches fulfillment network

The rising tensions in the ongoing trade war between the U.S. and China is severely testing a complex relationship — especially in technology. Which nation has more to lose? Who needs the other more?

U.S. considers sourcing 5G equipment only from outside China

The Washington Post reports that the Trump administration was seriously contemplating a requirement that next-generation 5G cellular equipment used in the U.S. “be designed and manufactured outside China.” This could force companies like Nokia and Ericsson to move production outside of China, the Journal said.

Fashion brand Alyx brings greater transparency to supply chain

Alyx, the international brand launched by Lady Gaga’s former creative director Matthew Williams, is bringing transparency to its supply chain. In the pilot project, it will have nine Alyx pieces with a scannable QR code that reveals the supply chain of the product.

Nvidia Corp., Volvo join up for autonomous-vehicle tech

Santa Clara-based Nvidia Corporation and one of the leading brands in trucks, Volvo, have come together to work on autonomous truck and other commercial vehicles technology. Nvidia's experience in artificial intelligence and computing will be combined with Volvo's work in vehicle dynamics.

Shopify launches new fulfillment network

Canada-based e-commerce company Shopify has unveiled products such as “a fulfillment network and digital inventory optimization tool.” The latter “predicts the closest fulfillment centers and optimal inventory quantities per location to ensure fast, low-cost delivery”, according to a company blog post, as reported by Supply Chain Digital.

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