Jaggaer, JP Morgan partner up; KPMG nabs new 3P vulnerability tech patent; China looks to buy U.S. agro products

Jaggaer, a spend management solutions provider, recently announced a partnership with J.P. Morgan to “deliver a Single-Use Accounts (SUA) virtual commercial card that is fully integrated with the Jaggaer ONE spend management platform, to streamline purchasing processes, reduce costs and increase purchasing oversight for business users,” according to the press release.

“Jaggaer was the obvious partner to bring this important service to our shared customer base, with their deep experience in education and public sector and their penetration into multiple commercial industries,” John Skinner, head of Commercial Card at J.P. Morgan, is quoted as saying. “Together we will be providing a new level of automation and control, helping manage everything from tail spend to recurring POs,” he adds.

KPMG awarded new technology patent

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office recently awarded the Big 4 audit firm a new patent "for performing signals processing, dynamic analysis, and forecasting of risk," according to a press release. The new patent "is a core component of KPMG's Third Party Intelligence service, which was launched in 2016," according to the release. "Third Party Intelligence empowers businesses to take pre-emptive action against third party disruption, such as disruption within a supply chain."

Some Chinese companies looking to buy U.S. agriculture products

Reuters has quoted a report by Chinese news agency Xinhua that some China companies were looking at purchasing farm products from U.S. companies. These businesses, said the report, had made inquiries with U.S. exporters to buy crops and agricultural products and applied for the lifting of tariffs.

Hawaii releases renewable energy draft RFPs for procurement

The Hawaiian Electric Companies (HECO) wants to procure over 2 terawatt hours of renewable energy and for this, it has released its draft request for proposals. The procurement is for the period 2022-2025. HECO has released the draft Renewable Request for Proposal (RFP) documents to guide the submission of bids for its recently released Phase 2 energy and grid services procurement covering the islands of Oahu, Maui and Hawaii, reports PV Magazine.

U.S. military looking at 3D printing to cut down supply chain time

The United States Army Research Laboratory has awarded a $15 million contract to 3D Systems to develop a metal-printing 3D printer. It is expected that the printer will shorten the military supply chain.

A part of the Army's additive manufacturing implementation plan, the aim of the project is to add capabilities to military supply chains developing and manufacturing combat vehicles, helicopters, and missile defense capabilities, to name a few.

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