$8.1 billion Saudi arms sale still on; Aon, Bunker link up; Consumer goods companies wasting money on digital?

A survey by the New York-based AlixPartners shows that over half of the companies surveyed were simply "throwing money" at chasing hot digital sales growth. Because of the predicted doubling of high digital sales of consumer products by 2023, many companies were chasing this alluring target. However, the firms faced several barriers to successful digital transformation.

Still no clarity on Huawei sales, say U.S. firms

U.S. President Donald Trump had agreed to allow the sale of Huawei products as a goodwill gesture when he met China’s President Xi Jinping over a month ago, but U.S. firms say there's still a lack of clarity on which sales are permitted. According to a report by Reuters, as negotiations between the U.S. and China resume on trade in Shanghai this week, this lack of clarity will cast a shadow over the talks.

Aon, Bunker partnership addresses compliance, insurance needs

Spend Matters reported today that “Aon — a leading global professional services firm providing a broad range of risk, retirement, and health solutions — and Bunker, a self-described ‘instant business insurance and compliance platform for independent workers and enterprises,’ announced a partnership to address the compliance management needs of Aon’s growing base of “digital economy” clients.

Read Andrew Karpie’s full analysis right here.

CGI to develop electronic Procurement System for Navy, Marine Corps

CGI said it had been given a $222.9 million contract by the Space and Naval War Systems Command (SPAWAR) Program Executive Office for Enterprise Information Systems to develop the electronic Procurement System (ePS). The end-to-end contract writing system will provide U.S. Navy and Marine Corps personnel with standardized, comprehensive contract and procurement management for services, supplies, construction and grants.

Fresh attempt to repeal excise tax on heavy trucks

Trucks.com reports that a large segment of the trucking industry has come together in a new attempt to repeal a century-old excise tax on heavy-duty trucks. The government raises about $3 billion annually for the Highway Trust Fund by this duty. Earlier attempts to repeal the tax in Congress had failed. For this round, the group includes road builders and trucking, logistics and manufacturing companies.

Senate fails to override Trump's vetoes on arms sales to Saudi Arabia

The U.S. Senate voted unsuccessfully to override President Donald Trump’s vetoes of three resolutions meant to block his administration from bypassing Congress to sell weapons worth $8.1 billion to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. The resolutions were meant to affirm Congress’s oversight role and were viewed as "punishment" of Saudi leaders for the Yemen crisis and the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

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