Afternoon Coffee: ASCM issues 1st sustainability certification; Jason Busch covers Digital Procurement World; Spend Matters launches Future 5

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Today’s Afternoon Coffee brings you a slew of can’t-miss procurement and supply chain news, happenings and announcements, from Amsterdam, San Francisco and Brazil (by way of Las Vegas). Buckle up!

Petrobras receives 1st ASCM supply chain sustainability certification

The global energy company Petrobras, of Brazil, is the first to receive a new ASCM certification that honors holistic corporate sustainability, according to the Association for Supply Chain Management.

The ASCM Enterprise Certification is a corporate-level designation for companies that demonstrate excellence in the ethical, environmental and economic initiatives of corporate supply chains, said ASCM, which announced the news today as it wraps up its national conference in Las Vegas.

“Prior to applying for Enterprise Certification, Petrobras had been working for 18 months to address challenges and ethical issues within its procurement and logistics operations,” ASCM’s press release stated. “The certification process involved ASCM-approved evaluators reviewing existing documentation and conducting on-site evaluations at random Petrobras sites to make sure that ASCM Enterprise Standards are implemented.”

Petrobras CEO Roberto Castello Branco said the effort stemmed from seeking good corporate governance and good compliance practices.

“All of us have a responsibility to our customers, consumers and stakeholders to adhere to the highest level of ethical, environment and economical standards,” he said in the press release. “We’ve worked hard to achieve the ASCM Enterprise Certification and are proud to be the first company to earn this significant achievement.”

Read more about the certification in this Spend Matters article from last month, when the program launched.

Spend Matters founder hot-footing it at Digital Procurement World in Amsterdam

Jason Busch, founder of Spend Matters and managing director of Spend Matters Nexus, is currently on the ground in Amsterdam (along with SM Europe's GM Jenny Draper), sharing thoughts from the Digital Procurement World conference with our Spend Matters UK/Europe audience.

With his initial dispatch, Busch gave readers the lowdown on the vibe, focus and opportunity of the event, put on by man-on-a-procurement-mission Mattias Gutzmann.

He then recapped the takeaways from sitting in on a panel discussion titled “Using Pilots and POCs to Test New Solutions and Get Buy-In for Transformation from Key Stakeholders,” with Maex Ament, who co-founded Taulia and is now off to a fintech blockchain start-up, Centrifuge, Sylvia Noel, CPO of Covea, and Michelle Baker, CPO of KPN.

According to Busch, a story from KPN’s Baker ultimately showed “procurement can reverse its role as ‘gatekeeper’ and can, in fact, be a catalyst for innovation of all sorts coming from the world outside.”

More coverage to come from DPW over the next day or two.

Spend Matters spotlights 5 innovative start-ups for 2019

Today, Spend Matters launched the Future 5, five procurement technology start-ups that have been chosen by our analysts after much research and investigation — in other words, companies too new to even be considered for Spend Matters’ seminal 50 to Watch and 50 to Know lists.

The 5 providers must meet certain criteria, including being in the market less than two years, having five or more customers, and proving their product(s) to be interesting and innovative.

Speaking of the DPW conference (above), “two of the providers, Bid Ops and SupplyHive, are also part of the Digital Procurement World start-up program “RiSE” and will be receiving their Future 5 plaque in person from Spend Matters.”

In other procurement and supply chain news:

Oracle expands SCM Cloud

Oracle has added more features to its Supply Chain Management Cloud to help organizations set up more efficient and agile supply chain operations. The new features include digital assistant capabilities such as a digital assistant for a supply chain. The updates were announced at Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco (which, incidentally, is being attended and covered by Xavier Olivera, P2P analyst and editor of Spend Matters Mexico/Latin America.)

“In many cases, the natural complexity of an organization’s supply chain is made worse by the complexity of the technology used to manage it,” said Jon Chorley, chief sustainability officer and group vice president, supply chain management, Oracle.

Apple puts $250 million more into Corning

Apple has said it would be giving its handset glass supplier Corning Inc. an additional $250 million from Apple’s Advanced Manufacturing Fund. Corning had previously received $200 million in 2017. Glass for every generation of iPhone has been made by Corning, according to The Verge.

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