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Community-based Procurement — Get a Buy with Some Help from Your Friends (Part 2)

09/24/2019 By

In Part 1 of this Spend Matters PRO series, the topic of community-based procurement focused on some examples of communities of interest within practitioner organizations (e.g., category communities and cross-supplier quality communities) and provider organizations such as group purchasing organizations (GPOs). In this second installment, the focus will shift to the following:

* Community of Interest around procurement transformation — and how to use the community (and tools and services) to accelerate that transformation
* The role of automated community-based benchmarking and capability assessments
* Using the community to drive new forms of collective intelligence baked explicitly into a solution’s delivery model and even the solution itself
* Some insight from our SolutionMap database on our requirement titled “community knowledge and collective intelligence”
* A final example on community-based sourcing with Coupa’s new “Source Together” offering — which tears some “market making” pages out of the old Ariba/Freemarkets playbook and then even rewrites that book itself

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