Afternoon Coffee: A new SolutionMap analysis of VMS software providers; Tesla’s Powerwall batteries to hit Japan’s market

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Today Spend Matters published a “roll-up” view and analysis of software providers currently participating in SolutionMap that offer vendor management system (VMS) solutions, using SolutionMap scoring data to give an up-to-date perspective of the VMS landscape.

This SolutionMap Insider brief (paywall) “examines the current status of VMS and how Spend Matters draws a tentative line around what constitutes a VMS solution today,” writes Andrew Karpie, research director of services and labor procurement at Spend Matters. “It also provides a high-level view of the ‘VMS’ capabilities and an anonymized analysis of corresponding SolutionMap scores. Lastly, it concludes with questions posed to practitioners and providers about the validity of the definition and concept of VMS” presented in the brief.

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Tesla's Powerwall home battery installations to hit Japanese market

Reuters reports that starting next spring U.S. electric car manufacturer Tesla Inc. will start installing the 13.5 kWh Powerwall home power storage batteries in Japan. The batteries will be sold online by Tesla or by designated third-party installers. Powerwall can store power generated by solar panels, and includes the Backup Gateway system which manages the grid connection.

Kinaxis expands its RapidResponse platform

The community supply chain experts behind Kinaxis Inc. have expanded its RapidResponse platform. With this move, it said it had become “the first and only” concurrent planning platform with the means to develop custom-made, interconnected applications and algorithms, and operationalize external algorithms across the supply chain ecosystem.

Expanse debuts product to detect supply chain weaknesses

Expanse, the net ops management company that counts the U.S. Department of Defense as one of its clients, today said it had launched Expanse Link, a product that helps organizations manage their strategic suppliers by accurately identifying and managing a strategic supplier's Internet assets and risks. With continuous visibility across the supply chain, organizations can drive operational improvements that reduce risk for both the organization and the supplier.

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