SIG news: Sourcing Industry Group and Spend Matters announce global partnership

Today, SIG, the premier membership organization for sourcing, procurement and outsourcing executives, and Spend Matters, the leading source for procurement solutions intelligence, announce a new partnership to provide SIG buy-side members with procurement solutions intelligence and services to help them advance their digital procurement efforts.

“Spend Matters is a trusted resource among procurement professionals,” says Dawn Tiura, President and CEO of SIG, the Sourcing Industry Group, which is based in Florida. “As the procurement technology marketplace becomes increasingly crowded, this partnership will provide valuable, time-saving market intelligence to SIG members who are looking to find the best vendors to meet their organization’s specific technology needs.”

Spend Matters has long been the primary resource for daily procurement news coverage and procurement technology subscription research for procurement departments of all sizes. Two years ago, Spend Matters launched SolutionMap — a free set of procurement technology vendor rankings across the source-to-pay and procurement services that help buyers evaluate procurement technology.

SIG teamed up with Chicago-based Spend Matters to provide discounted member access to Spend Matters’ SolutionMap Accelerator and Spend Matters PRO. SolutionMap Accelerator gives subscribers access to SolutionMap-based comparative summary vendor scores and customer insights as well as vendor comparison content such as the “What Makes It Great’ and the “head-to-head” articles. Spend Matters PRO content contains essential deep-dive market intelligence, vendor/supply market coverage, best practice explorations and more to give readers a deep understanding of the vendor and partner landscape and inform critical procurement technology decision-making.

Spend Matters’ clients may access opportunities to participate in industry research, regional SIGnature Events and Global Executive Summits. Special introductory pricing and discounts are available for first-time event attendees and sponsorships of SIG events.

The SIG events provide thought leadership, training and networking opportunities to executives in sourcing, procurement, outsourcing, shared services and risk from Fortune 500 and Global 1000 companies.

“Spend Matters is thrilled to collaborate with the SIG team and bring the benefits of SolutionMap to buy-side members,” says Sheena Smith, VP Client Services, Spend Matters. "SIG members invariably speak highly of the caliber of services offered, as the team always goes the extra mile. That’s how we operate as well —  we’re kindred organizations and we’re so excited about our new partnership. We’re also pleased to be participating at the Global Executive Summit this week in Carlsbad, California, to lend our support and insights to participating SIG members.”

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Look for coverage of the summit in California later today and tomorrow.

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