EcoVadis — Catching Up on a Provider to Know


EcoVadis, a provider of ratings on companies’ sustainability and corporate social responsibility efforts, was named to Spend Matters’ 50 to Know list six months ago. It’s the third year running that it has been highlighted as one of the providers to know in the procurement technology sector that we cover.

This year, we’ve taken an in-depth look at EcoVadis in a PRO series by our analysts, and we’ve covered some of EcoVadis’ latest findings on sustainable procurement.

EcoVadis can be a slightly challenging provider to put into a box and review. It is part intelligence network (for CSR data), part SaaS/cloud provider (in support of CSR data gathering and intelligence), and part enablement partner to companies for data collection. So EcoVadis defies easy categorization.

Technology is, however, a component of its offering. As the Spend Matters analyst team has noted before in PRO coverage, “EcoVadis provides an enabling set of supplier on-boarding, supplier portal and supplier information management (SIM) capabilities in order to support sustainability and CSR ratings and monitoring. It is also in the early stages of offering extended risk reporting and insights via integrating partner capabilities, among other investments.”

We encourage Spend Matters readers to take a closer look at our recent subscription research and new coverage to better understand how EcoVadis can fit into their solution portfolio to drive extend sustainability and CSR considerations into the supply chain. While substitute approaches exist for supplier CSR enablement, there’s no provider quite like EcoVadis.


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