Afternoon Coffee: Walmart enters unique wind power deal; Basware reports earnings; VMS solution shopping? ICYMI, we can help

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ENGIE US Wind has announced that it would continue to service Walmart’s renewable energy needs via an "innovative agreement,” according to a press release. It means utilizing two virtual renewable power purchase agreements (VPPAs) to enable building more than 366 MW of wind projects in different U.S. energy markets, all under a single procurement process. Walmart will buy 166 MW from ENGIE’s Prairie Hill project in Texas and 200 MW from ENGIE’s King Plains project in Oklahoma.

ICYMI: What is a VMS today? Spend Matters helps define it

If you’re in a technology selection process for a vendor management system (VMS) software solution, don’t miss this analysis. This SolutionMap Insider brief (paywall) “examines the current status of VMS and how Spend Matters draws a tentative line around what constitutes a VMS solution today,” writes Andrew Karpie, research director of services and labor procurement at Spend Matters.

“It also provides a high-level view of the ‘VMS’ capabilities and an anonymized analysis of corresponding SolutionMap scores. Lastly, it concludes with questions posed to practitioners and providers about the validity of the definition and concept of VMS” presented in the brief.

Read more right here.

Basware reports Q3 earnings

The Finnish suite provider’s total revenue increased 8.3% from July to September 2019 over the same period last year, while cloud revenue was up 11.5% for the same period.

“During the quarter amongst others we signed a significant new deal with a North American department store chain,” said CEO Klaus Andersen, as quoted in the company’s statement ahead of the earnings call. “We continued to sign new expansion projects with our existing customers such as Freeport Minerals Corporation and Lisi Aerospace as well as the UK public sector.”

Check out the statement, where you can register to listen to a webcast of the call, for full details.

YRC Freight introduces next-day service in Texas

YRC Freight has introduced a next-day basis freight service in Texas. Called the YRC Freight Regional Next-Day Texas, this offering, according to the company, provides "best-in-class service" with high on-time performance and one of the lowest claims ratios in the industry, according to an article in Supply Chain Management Review.

YRC Worldwide Chief Network Officer Scott Ware said that Texas, by virtue of being one of the fastest growing states in the nation, was a key market for YRC Freight customers, according to the article.

Avetta names new CEO

Avetta, the supply chain risk management solution provider, named Arshad Matin its new CEO. Spend Matters published a story on the news today — read it right here.

Why meat waste was a main attraction of Las Vegas jet show

Fuel producers and jetmakers at the Las Vegas private jet show are trying to lure buyers by showcasing alternate forms of aviation fuel deemed less harmful to the environment, according to Reuters. These include used cooking oil and (the distinctly less glamorous) meat waste.

Business jet operators are committed to halving carbon emissions by 2050 compared with 2005 levels. They are banking on renewable fuel to curb emissions and make business jets more attractive to environmentally conscious buyers.

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