Afternoon Coffee: New metal pricing platform enters market as powerful alternative; Spend Matters Nexus officially launches; Apple seeks iPhone exemption from U.S. tariffs

Apple asked the U.S. government for a waiver on tariffs on Chinese-made Apple Watches, iPhone components and other products, according to Reuters. Quoting company filings with the U.S. Trade Representative’s Office on Thursday, Reuters reports Apple had sought tariff exclusions from 11 products, including HomePod speakers, iMac computers, parts for use in repairing iPhones, iPhone smart battery cases, AirPods and others. The public has until Nov. 14 to submit comments on the requests.

New metal pricing platform offers competition to incumbents

“MetalMiner offers a compelling alternative metal pricing and intelligence platform for American Metal Market (AMM) customers because it uniquely combines real-time forecasting with metal prices,” said Don Hauser, the lead steel buyer for a major OEM. “I haven’t seen any other metal price platform that offers this combination of capabilities aimed specifically at manufacturing organizations.”

Check out how the MetalMiner Insights platform competes with American Metal Market (AMM)

MetalMiner Insights sets itself apart from competitors with its array of features.

In addition to real-time pricing data and metal price forecasting, the MetalMiner Insights platform contains a complete procurement toolbox, including an interactive cost-savings diagnostic capability, RFQ, metal-specific bid templates, and full statistical correlation analysis that allows buying organizations to map their specific products with the most appropriate forecast. MetalMiner Insights also contains 10 market indexes that companies can use as contracting mechanisms and inflation adjusters/de-adjusters as an API feed with their own internal systems.

MetalMiner, a sister site of ours, also provides advisory support and metal price benchmarking at the form/alloy/grade/size level.

The MetalMiner Insights platform can be accessed with a single subscription allowing for unlimited users and full access to all elements of the platform. Hauser adds, “There’s no sharing police at MetalMiner, just a team of experts excited for buyers to use the system.”

Spend Matters officially launches Nexus

“Earlier this summer, I created a new role for myself at Spend Matters, going back to my roots as an adviser to investors, boards and management teams focused on strategy and corporate development topics,” wrote Spend Matters Founder Jason Busch in an article published this morning. “As part of this transition, we’re excited to officially launch a new subscription service, Spend Matters Nexus, with content specifically written for founders, CEOs, corporate development leaders, and the private equity and investment community interested in the procurement landscape.”

Read more about Busch’s vision, and then details of Nexus becoming its own independent subscription, right here.

Then, dive into the first Nexus brief also published today, co-authored by Busch and Spend Matters analyst Michael Lamoureux: A Due Diligence Survival Guide: What to Expect (Part 1: Passing Architecture & Structural Product Scrutiny).

Two key deals in the payments space

In a bid to bolster its global payments business, Spain’s Banco Santander purchased a 50.1% stake in payments platform provider Ebury, according to the WSJ.

In another deal, Deserve, “the venture-backed fintech company expanding and powering the real-time credit card economy, announced it has secured $50 million in equity investment,” according to a press release. “The round of funding was led by Goldman Sachs with continued investment from existing backers Sallie Mae, Accel, Aspect Ventures, Pelion Venture Partners and Mission Holdings,” the release states.

How a new coating solution helps reduce food waste

A company called Cambridge Crops specializing in the development of natural food preservatives has pioneered an all-natural food coating that slows down the spoiling process to extend shelf life and cost-effectively aid food waste reduction throughout the supply chain, reports AZO CleanTech. The edible food coating, which can be applied to meats, vegetables, fruit and seafood at any point from farm to shelf, can also benefit the environment by reducing the use of single-use plastics and chemicals such as fungicides.

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