Workday’s acquisition of Scout RFP (Part 2: ERP competitors analyzed) [Nexus]

Yesterday, the finance and HR solutions provider Workday announced it was buying Scout RFP, an easy-to-use sourcing solution. You can find previous free coverage on the transaction on Spend Matters here and here. In our first Nexus subscriber brief covering the procurement technology sector’s M&A news, we offered background on Scout, explored the provider’s strengths and weaknesses, and gave our initial insights into the rationale for the transaction.

As we continue our analysis on Spend Matters Nexus, we turn our attention to landscape implications of the transaction that may affect other technology providers. Today’s research brief provides a competitive analysis for the ERP market segment including providers such as Epicor, Infor, Oracle, Microsoft, Netsuite (Oracle), SAP, Sage and Unit4.

In this analysis, we also provide context via a brief history lesson on how (and why) ERP providers have traditionally offered procurement capability as an extension of financials, tracing the emergence of ERP from MRP. Specifically, we trace how and why this legacy has led to a situation of technology that is inadequate for procurement’s needs (which gave rise to the source-to-pay technology market in the first place).

Subsequent competitive analyses of the transaction will consider both suite and best-of-breed / independent procurement technology providers, including the valuation impact on the sector (and what some of the key drivers to valuation have been recently). We will also explore in greater detail the process, sales and technical integration considerations for Workday as it digests this procurement amuse-bouche.

But for now, let’s dust off our competitive bifocals as we magnify the competitive considerations of the deal, examining Workday’s ERP peers competing for their share of the $50 billion procurement technology total addressable market (TAM), as estimated by Coupa’s  Business Spend Management TAM.

Jason Busch serves as Managing Director of Spend Matters Nexus, a membership, research and advisory organization serving technology acquirers (private equity, corporate development, etc.) and CEOs in the procurement and finance solutions marketplace (including contract management, B2B marketplaces/connectivity, indirect procurement, services procurement, direct procurement, commodity management, payment, trade financing, GRC/third-party management and related adjacent sectors).

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