Afternoon Coffee: Workday-Scout RFP and SM Nexus week in review; China trade talks progressing well


Last week, in its first official week as a standalone subscription offering, Spend Matters Nexus covered the Workday-Scout RFP acquisition in detail, with deep dives and competitive landscape views that are unparalleled in the research and intelligence market.

ICYMI, check out the entire range of coverage in this four-part Nexus series:

*Please note: in light of last week’s flurry, Spend Matters Nexus will be taking a ‘break’ for the rest of this week and resume the following week.

However, keep an eye out on the first PRO briefing to be published tomorrow morning on the deal.

And for some freely available, non-paywall primers, check these out:

Spend Matters welcomes a new analyst, Magnus Bergfors

Welcome, Magnus! Here's his intro to the world of (and for) Spend Matters readers.

China trade talks coming along, but deal has to be right: Trump

The U.S. will only make a deal with China if the deal was “right,” said U.S. President Donald Trump on Saturday. He told reporters that the trade talks with China were moving along “very nicely.” He added that the talks had moved more slowly than he would have liked, but China wanted a deal more than he did, reports Reuters.

Logistics companies face an uphill battle over retention of warehouse workers

Some areas of logistics are still troubled by labor woes. While the demand for e-commerce products and services continues to grow, third-party logistics providers are struggling to keep up with the need for qualified workers. Up against them are competitors such as Amazon who hire potential workers by the thousands.

Locix launches WiFi-based solution to digitize warehouse operations

Silicon Valley-based Locix, innovator in spatial intelligence solutions, today launched its SmartLPSTM solution that digitizes, analyzes, and displays real-time and historical operations for workers, assets, and inventory in warehouses, according to Supply Chain Market. The solution uses patented WiFi-based local positioning system (LPS) to collect spatial and sensor data from workers and assets without calling for extensive installation and high infrastructure costs of competing solutions.

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