SAP Ariba and Givewith partner on social-impact matching service

SAP Ariba and Givewith today announced a partnership where Givewith’s social impact solution will be available on the SAP App Center, giving SAP clients access to a matching service that allows them to find nonprofits to give donations.

Businesses increasingly are concerned with sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR), and Givewith analyzes hundreds of nonprofits to match with businesses’ needs to improve their social standing, which studies have shown helps the bottom line as well as aids reputations with the public and improves worker recruiting and retention.

“If just 8% of the nearly $3 trillion transacted by buyers and suppliers across the Ariba Network included Givewith, we would generate over $3 billion in funding for nonprofits,” said Paul Polizzotto, Givewith’s founder and CEO, in a press release. “As we look to tackle some of today’s most pressing social, economic and environmental challenges, we see SAP Ariba as a strong partner in unleashing the power of business transactions as an agent for social change. Together, we’re elevating the role of procurement by turning sourcing into a key component of the company’s larger business and CSR strategies.”

In a Spend Matters PRO Vendor Introduction post, our analyst Nick Heinzmann shares what he learned after spending time evaluating Givewith’s solution, Givewith Enterprise.

“As with many young providers, there are areas of potential improvement,” Heinzmann wrote in his analysis. “SAP Ariba is a great start as an integration partner, but there also are myriad kinds of procurement solutions that present even more opportunities for Givewith to scale its reach with nonprofit advocacy.”

Spend Matters’ PRO subscribers can read more about Heinzmann’s deep look at Givewith’s capabilities and discussion of its strengths, weaknesses and opportunities — as well as see a selection checklist.

SAP Senior Vice President Sean Thompson said the Givewith partnership gives SAP’s customers another way to add business value through their supply chain and procurement operations.

“Our partnership with Givewith brings tremendous value to our customers by making it easier than ever to advance social impact and CSR initiatives through day-to-day procurement operations,” Thompson said in the press release. “This integration promises companies an ease, accessibility, and scale of corporate giving that is unique and beneficial in so many ways.”

Deloitte Consulting helped implement the Givewith solution into SAP’s system, and it believes the solution benefits green initiatives as well as adds value to companies.

“We believe all businesses should be drivers of positive social change,” said Frederic Girardeau-Montaut, Deloitte Consulting’s managing director and global SAP Intelligent Spend market offering leader, in the press release. "There's growing evidence that sustainable, socially-conscious companies outperform their peers, which is why social innovation will be key to success over the coming years."

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