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The top 5 most-viewed SolutionMap posts of 2019: Vendor rankings, Beeline vs. Coupa Contingent Workforce, SAP’s S2P suite

12/31/2019 By

These are the top 5 most-viewed Spend Matters’ posts related to SolutionMap, our analyst-driven evaluation of the vendors in the procurement technology market. This year we beefed up our RFI to include more platform information so that users can compare vendors on an apples-to-apples basis. Here’s a countdown of the top posts.

5. SolutionMap: 59 procurement software companies ranked (Q4 2019 Update)

By SPEND MATTERS TEAM, December 5, 2019

Spend Matters has released its Q4 2019 SolutionMap procurement technology benchmark rankings of 59 procurement software companies across 12 solution categories.

Based on equal parts objective technology capability ranking (done by our analysts every quarter) and customer feedback scores with set weightings, SolutionMap evaluates vendors in the following categories:

  • E-Procurement
  • Invoice-to-Pay(I2P)
  • Procure-to-Pay(P2P)
  • Source-to-Pay(S2P), a suite view that includes all P2P and strategic procurement technologies’ categories
  • Sourcing
  • Spend & Procurement Analytics
  • Contract Lifecycle Management(CLM)
  • Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) & Risk
  • Strategic Procurement Technologies, a suite view that includes Sourcing, Analytics, CLM and SRM
  • Contingent Workforce & Services Enterprise Technology, which maps Contract Services/Statement of Work(SOW), Temp Staffing, and Direct Sourcing of Workforce/Services* (DSW/S).

4. Jaggaer One: A Comparative Analysis of the S2P Suite (Source-to-Pay SolutionMap Analysis)


When source-to-pay suite provider Jaggaer announced in early February the release of Jaggaer One, a platform that unifies the provider’s acquired solutions into a single offering, it took a big step forward in clarifying the firm’s strategy. Using a services-oriented architecture (SOA) that allows users to select discrete business processes (i.e., modules) from Jaggaer’s portfolio of technology solutions, Jaggaer ONE has articulated a vision for the company beyond bringing the code and customers from SciQuest, Pool4Tool and BravoSolution under one roof.

Jaggaer noted with the release of Jaggaer ONE that it is unifying three of its product lines — Jaggaer Indirect, Jaggaer Direct and Jaggaer Advantage — without moving them onto a single code base, allowing customers and prospects to select the best modules from each offering to fit an organization’s unique needs. It’s a cafeteria approach that allows clients to assemble a “synthetic” source-to-pay suite rather than wrestle with a patched-together “Frankensuite” (or “Frankensuite’s monster,” if you have to be that guy).

3. Ivalua: A Comparative Analysis of the S2P Suite (Source-to-Pay SolutionMap Analysis)


Ivalua is a source-to-pay suite technology provider that, until recently, has not gotten the attention its capabilities would suggest it deserves on the global stage — only in the past few years has it started to gain the type of momentum in North America as its functional prowess would imply. Still, the provider has a longer history in Europe, where its roots and the majority of its customer base still lie. But in comparison with suite providers like Coupa and SAP Ariba, Ivalua has not captured as much of the market’s attention with respect to association with specific capabilities or investments.

That’s a shame, because when ranked on a highly granular basis across the numerous functional areas that make up the Spend Matters SolutionMap benchmark, Ivalua often scores in the top tier of all providers for the majority of capabilities and, in the aggregate, among the most functionally advanced platforms across many modules. A key factor in this strong performance is Ivalua’s engineering approach: Its entire suite was built in-house on a single platform over the last 19 years, placing it in a small group of providers that offer an end-to-end solution on a single technology stack.

2. Beeline vs. Coupa Contingent Workforce: Temp Staffing/VMS Head-to-Head Comparison [SolutionMap CW/S]


The rapid evolution of the “new” Beeline and Coupa’s surprise leap into the upper tiers of the VMS market raises the question: How do the two vendors stack up in a head-to-head bout? After all, competitive matchups between the two are already becoming a more frequent event, and both help set the average functional benchmark score in Spend Matters’ SolutionMap.

1. SAP Ariba: A Comparative Analysis of the S2P Suite (Source-to-Pay SolutionMap Analysis)


SAP Ariba was arguably the first true source-to-pay (S2P) suite vendor. Back when Emptoris was going strong (pre-IBM) and Coupa was an open-source e-procurement application, SAP Ariba had already assembled various source-to-pay pieces from organic development and acquisition. This suggests it was the first vendor (at least with any scale and depth) to lay claim to having full coverage across sourcing, spend analysis, supplier management, contract lifecycle management, e-procurement and invoice-to-pay — even if all of the components were not perfectly integrated at the time.

But how does SAP Ariba stack up today from a source-to-pay perspective?

Happy New Year! Thanks for reading Spend Matters in 2019 — and check out the free SolutionMap rankings here.