Afternoon Coffee: Add or update your Almanac listing for ‘50/50’ consideration; FAA examines civilian drones for delivery

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This year, the annual Spend Matters “50 Providers to Know” and “50 Providers to Watch” lists will be released April 22 at the SIG Procurement Technology Summit near Orlando, at Championsgate, Florida. To be considered for the lists, your company must have an up-to-date listing in the Spend Matters Almanac. The 50/50 programs recognize industry leaders and exciting newcomers in procurement technologies and services. Be sure to add or update your listing here by Feb. 21!

FAA seeks feedback on certification process for drones

Bloomberg News reports that the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has sought the opinion of the general public and those in the drone industry on the type of criteria to be used for establishing whether these devices are fit for civilian use. Drones “affected by this policy will include those used for package delivery,” the FAA said in a document published in the Federal Register. Companies such as Inc., Alphabet Inc.’s Wing unit and United Parcel Service Inc. are all participating in FAA-sanctioned tests of how to make deliveries of consumer goods and medical supplies by drone.

FDA to hold public meet on issue of asbestos testing in talc powders

In a historic move, for the first time in nearly 50 years, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration will deep dive into the issue of asbestos testing for talc powders and cosmetics at a hearing on Tuesday. This comes after finding asbestos, a known carcinogen, in several talc cosmetics and powders, including a bottle of Johnson & Johnson’s well-known Baby Powder, reports Reuters.

“J&J, the market leader in talc powders, has defended the safety of its talc,” Reuters reports. “The company said tests by labs it hired found no asbestos in samples from the same bottle the FDA examined — except for some the company attributed to contamination from a lab air conditioner.”

CJ Logistics adds North America headquarters

The South Korean firm CJ Logistics announced Tuesday that it had launched CJ Logistics America, a joint operating company of its subsidiaries in the United States and Canada, and DSC Logistics, to expand the company’s presence in North America. CJ Logistics USA, a subsidiary of CJ Logistics based in Seoul, took over DSC Logistics in August 2018. CJ Logistics will operate warehouses of a combined 280,000 square meters in the U.S. and Canada, the company said.

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