McKinsey buys Orpheus: Valuation Estimates, Product Strengths/Weaknesses and Implications for the Firm & Its Clients [Nexus]

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This month, McKinsey announced it was acquiring Orpheus, a regional yet specialized (and highly capable) spend and procurement analysis provider based in Germany. For a primer on Orpheus and the acquisition, see our initial Nexus coverage. Long-time subscribers to Spend Matters PRO and SolutionMap Insider (analytics) know that analytics represents a set of capabilities that we pay very close attention to, owing to its importance in identifying broad-based procurement savings opportunities — and tracking results.

Indeed, when implemented correctly, spend and procurement analytics can drive savings and compliance across a range of areas, including sourcing, category management, procure-to-pay, contract compliance (including commodity and currency clauses). These solutions can also help procurement and finance organizations and consultancies to identify and manage working capital and payment opportunities to create a new balance sheet lever for “spend” that extends beyond how most companies think of spend management — a clever artifice that consultancies have leveraged in cost take-out engagements for decades.

This Spend Matters Nexus brief begins by sharing a back-of-the-napkin valuation and multiple estimate for the Orpheus-McKinsey transaction based on our M&A work in the sector (valuing spend analytics firms is typically not as easy as traditional SaaS). But this analysis focuses primarily on highlighting Orpheus’ strengths and weaknesses and what these will mean as McKinsey takes Orpheus global as part of its “Solutions” arsenal of capabilities outside of just consultancy. Not to mention enhancing the value levers — and speed with which it can pull them — in client studies.

As our analysis concludes in the final brief in this series, we will provide insight into how the transaction may impact the competitive landscape for spend and procurement analytics.

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