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Procurement Consulting Analysis: A review of The Shelby Group

02/17/2020 By

The Shelby Group is a U.S.-based specialist source-to-pay solution and technology consultancy (think “spend management,” if you prefer that term) that is best known for its proven expertise in implementing and optimizing Coupa. Located primarily in the Chicago area, the firm serves clients globally, but with an emphasis in North America. Shelby also partners with Ivalua, SAP Ariba, Oracle, Sirion Labs and others.

That said, the Coupa ecosystem is clearly Shelby’s sweet spot, or perhaps “suite spot” is a better term! The firm also has developed some of its own unique digital capabilities that we’ll discuss in this analysis. Shelby has served the market for almost 20 years and has been very happy to “stay in its lane” as a specialist (and has some large well-known consultancies on its customer roster).

This Spend Matters PRO analysis provides background on The Shelby Group, including insights on its customer segments, geographies and emerging digital capabilities. But, primarily, this PRO analysis highlights the voice and experience of Shelby’s clients. We also offer data-driven recommendations and analysis for organizations considering Shelby as a systems implementation and consulting partner.

This report is based on extensive primary research by the Spend Matters team and from our SolutionMap’s customer reference process, where real-life customers share their vendor experiences and help us rank vendors. Spend Matters surveyed a range of Shelby clients in 2019, collecting qualitative and quantitative insights from organizations that had gone through implementations, change management, transformation and related initiatives as part of procurement technology deployments. The Shelby Group also provided facts and figures about its practice directly to Spend Matters, and we’ve added some “color” to the analysis, given that we’ve seen Shelby’s work in the trenches for well over a decade.

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