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Sievo: Vendor Analysis 2020 Update — Part 1 (Background & Solution Overview)

02/18/2020 By

This Spend Matters PRO Vendor Snapshot 2020 Update offers a refresh of our 2017 review of Sievo’s solution. The three-part series provides facts and expert analysis to help buying organizations make informed decisions about whether they need a solution like Sievo to drive spend analytics programs in place of or in addition to their current efforts.

The market for spend analytics still reminds us of the continuing evolution of the coffee market. It was not so long ago that we largely had a maximum of four choices: drip, percolator and then regular or decaf (this was when no one cared about the provenance of “the beans”). Today, this choice has exploded, and coffee is, well, not just coffee anymore, and not just available from the diner or donut shop.

Spend analytics has evolved in just as many directions as a barista can provide in terms of java choice at the local specialty coffee shop. But not all approaches are created equal. In fact everything from underlying data acquisition, classification, enrichment, prescription and analytics can vary dramatically from solution to solution.

Sievo is one of the longest-running, still independent spend analytics providers in the market today. Founded in 2003, Sievo long ago moved beyond basic spend analytics and centers much of its value proposition today on driving savings program measurement and management across the full spectrum of spend. How they do this is complex, requiring all of the basics of spend classification, analytics and more. In this research series, we get into the weeds on the “what” and the “how” and even some of the “why” of Sievo. We promise that Sievo still is unlike any other provider you have seen in terms of methodology and solution.

Part 1 of our analysis provides a company background and detailed solution overview, as well as a few situations as to when organizations should consider Sievo. The rest of this multipart research brief covers product strengths and weaknesses, competitor and SWOT analysis, user selection guides, and insider evaluation and selection considerations.

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