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Sievo: Vendor Analysis 2020 Update — Part 2 (Product Strengths & Weaknesses)

02/20/2020 By

This Spend Matters PRO Vendor Snapshot 2020 Update refreshes our view of Sievo’s solution since our 2017 review. Improvements include the areas of do-it-yourself reporting and benchmarking.

To get the full benefit of Sievo, a novel analytics and savings management/tracking provider that delivers value to both procurement and finance organizations, customers need to get their hands dirty in their data — which can be a good thing. In engaging Sievo, it is the involved customer that becomes intimate at a deeper level with their data to drive true spending intelligence, in contrast to working with many other spend analytics providers that take ownership, on an outsourced basis, of data stewardship to drive cleansing, enrichment and classification perspectives.

This Part 2 of the series will explore those areas as well as Sievo’s other strengths and weaknesses, providing facts and expert analysis to help procurement organizations decide whether they should consider its analytics capabilities. Part 1 of our analysis provided a company and detailed solution overview and a recommended fit list of criteria for firms considering Sievo. The third part of this series will offer a SWOT analysis, user selection guide, vendor comparisons, and additional evaluation and selection considerations.

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